Palmares 2017 online!
14th Edition - Forlì / Italy
6/15 October 2017
EUROSHORT 02/11/2017
18th International Izmir Short Film Film Festival (Turkey) will run from 7th to 12th November 2017. Over 400 f ..
Festival 18/10/2017
Are you ready for a new adventure with Around the World in 80 Shorts? This is the eighth out of ten cruises, o ..
Festival 15/10/2017
Forlì, 14 October 2017 MOVIE  (International Films Fiction) ..
Festival 12/10/2017
Saturday 14th October, there will be a rich program of meetings with the authors and masterclasses.   ..
Festival 06/10/2017
Everything is ready for the 14th edition of Sedicicorto, international festival of independent cinema (Forlì ..
Festival 29/09/2017
14° Sedicicorto is happy to welcome the premiere of Priests Again, the sequel of the award-winning web series ..
Festival 25/09/2017
Official selection of the MOVIE international section, including fiction and documentaries.   ..
Festival 22/09/2017
Official selection for the ANIMALAB international section, including animation and experimental short films. &nb ..
Festival 21/09/2017
For the XVII Week of Italian Language in the World, dedicated this year to “Italian at the cinema, Italian i ..
Festival 20/09/2017
Official selection of the CORTITALIA section, Italian short films of all genres.   ..
Festival 18/09/2017
Official selection for the category ANIMARE, international animated short films for kids. 16 finalists from 4 ..
Festival 15/09/2017
Official selection for the category CortoinLoco, open exclusively to short films by filmmakers born or living in E ..
Festival 14/09/2017
  After the summer vacations, we are ready to continue our journey with Around the World in 80 Shorts! T ..
Festival 11/09/2017
Two more sections out of competition of 14° Sedicicorto: Experia, selection of experimental short films, and L ..
Festival 09/09/2017
Two sections out of competition entirely dedicated to children, with short films created by children and/or youngs ..
Festival 09/09/2017
The sections out of competition ATRIUM and WATER are dedicated respectively to architectural and environmental the ..
Festival 06/09/2017
Official selection for the competitive section NO+D2: national and international films of any genre up to 2 minute ..
Festival 05/09/2017
Among the sections out of competition, this year Sedicicorto presents a selection of shorts by emerging European a ..
Festival 01/09/2017
For 14° Sedicicorto, the sections dedicated to European countries will focus on: Bulgaria - selection of ani ..
EUROSHORT 16/08/2017
  13. BuSho – The Budapest Short International Film Festival (Hungary) will take place from 29th Augus ..
Festival 03/08/2017
  Sedicicorto is glad to present the new visual for the 14th edition of the Festival, whose theme will be mi ..
Festival 25/07/2017
  On Thursday 27th July 2017, join us in Pennabilli (RN) for one night dedicated to short films, organized b ..
EUROSHORT 21/07/2017
  21st Avanca Film Festival (Portugal) will take place from 21st to 30th July 2017. One of the partners ..
Festival 13/07/2017
New stop for Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti (Around the World in 80 Shorts), event organized by Amarcort Film Festival ..
Festival 11/07/2017
In Forlì, bike ride to discover the old movie theaters and arenas of the town On Thursday 13th July, wi ..
Animare 10/07/2017
Jamais Sans Mon Dentier di Hugo Favre wins Animare 2017   After 4 intense tournaments during which the ..
Animare 26/06/2017
7° Animare Film Festival 2-9 July 2017 in Cesenatico   7° ANIMARE International Animated Short F ..
EUROSHORT 23/06/2017
  14° In The Palace International Film Festival, the only festival dedicated to short films in Bulgaria, ..
Festival 19/06/2017
  Our crew is working to organize the next film cruise in the best possible way! On 22nd June, from Cin ..
Festival 13/06/2017
  In Cesenatico, from 16th to 18th June 2017, there will be plenty of events dedicated to children: parties ..


Love is a short film describing affection in three different chapters through an impact on a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet, caused by the change of gravity and light.

On his journey from Somalia to Europe, shipwrecked Moussa is picked up by a wealthy couple on their luxurious catamaran.

Every single night, Ambroise gets bored. To pass the time, he makes random phone calls. His calls often result in a failure… Until he reaches Charlotte, a curious young girl looking for an extraordinary adventure.

Michael is 18 years old and prefers listening to loud music rather than thinking about his future. But there is a problem: His father, a hunter, loves the quiet and has Michael's future planned out already. Whey they go hunting together, this becomes an inevitable issue.

Hong-Kong. A multitude of high-rise concrete buildings without personality. Inside, close studios where people live withdrawn into themselves. Until the day where Chung, a bachelor, decides to hang a picture on the wall.

Shot in West Africa with a local cast and crew, this short explores the social and cultural impact of the Ebola epidemic from the perspective of an orphaned brother and his sister.

New York City, 2016. She's white, he's black, they love each other, without boundaries, in plain sight. But tonight, the bad encounter: a group of extremists won't let it go.

The viewer is taken on a journey through the beauty and chaos of Kampala taxi park.

Hermes has a well-organized life: a good job, friends, and a nice flat. Everything is fine, as long as he does not forget to take his medicine. Otherwise his humor can be surprising to say the least. One evening, he goes to a silent party, but he was not able to take his medicine...

A single mother is forced to hide her child's existence because of the social and cultural context, in order not to become the subject of judgement and condemnation.

The old single man is waiting for his gone sweetheart in a station.

The beach of a Chinese resort is packed. People are enjoying the summer holidays. An abrupt thundershower makes them run around in a flurry.

Noli. The head of a ruthless Philippine gang needs to get his visa permit for Italy. In order to cover his criminal activities, he buys some fake documents and pretends to be the director of a catering service business.

A visual bedtime story recalling the atmosphere of early cinema. A travel back in time, when watching films was a dangerous experience, especially for children. Mr Sand is a mysterious character moving through this story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Catalina who lived in Jujuy, northern Argentina. Her grandmother Rosa is one of the last remaining storytellers from the Andes. Grandmother Rosa is already very old, and still everyday she tells a story to the sun Tata Inti.

Varanasi is a psychedelic and spiritual journey in the heart of northern India.

It is a story about a little pig who goes from "P town" to the metropolis "City ELE", where elephants live.

Two fishing buddies, Big Brother and some fish stew. Two workers from an old factory face the transition from socialism to capitalism.

Squame explores the body's sensitive envelope, the skin. The ephemeral animated desquamations, created with the help of sugar casts, evoke fragile landscapes in a world at the edge of abstraction.

Absurd superhero comedy about the mechanic turned superhero who is fighting to preserve the things he loves the most: the trolleybuses.

Central Marshes were a large complex of wetlands in Iraq that were part of the Tigris. The Ilisu Dam is a project of Turkey that, when it is finished, will destroy the marshes. The film is about how the water bedouins' lives and culture will change when it's done.

An old and retired cook gathers his old gang to compete with a famous Norwegian chef in an absurd cooking challenge.

A boy lives with his parents in a remote village in the mountains. His family has several prejudices against immigrants.

1963. After many years, Italo is forced to go back to Elcito, his hometown in the mountains of the Marches region. There, together with his boss, he will have to organize a TV casting: the two of them are looking for illiterates for a new educational television show…

Two neighbors jump into an unexpected friendship outside their windows.

A parade for three managers and four performers, mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie's essays on the music he composed for the 1916 ballet "Parade". The famous realist ballet is brought back to life.

September 10, 1977. 4:30am. Prisoner Djandoubi is removed from his cell and led to execution. He only has fifteen more minutes to live. Just enough time to smoke two cigarettes. Not three.

In the woman's room, memories constantly accumulate and disappear like dust. The man spends his time in this room creating futile little games with woman's memories.

A creature settles down in a young man's room and feeds him, but at the same time it kills him. His life is falling apart, and he has no choice but to struggle to death against this dependence.

A 75-year-old widow with Alzheimer's decides it's time to have her very first orgasm ever. (It takes a few tries).

Among the candidates waiting in the room for shooting a porn movie, a father and a son unexpectedly meet.

Film entirely made using seeds, stop-motion, time lapse and VFX. Pulses and grams and sprouts in motion were used to create scenarios as a metaphorical representation of the growth and the future of a nation.

Memento mori – remember that you must die. The journey of a butterfly becomes a melancholic metaphor of a human life, lost in an unknown world.

While driving along a road in the Tunisian desert in an old battered van on their way to the market to sell their sheep, and old man and his grandson are stopped by two policemen. In order to be allowed to leave, they have to accept a strange and unusual deal.

A documentary about a house and characters that cannot be shown. On a desk, with changing sceneries, two tenants create a miniature world with the objects they find, that tell what people try to hide.

Edgar, an opera lover who works in a slaughterhouse, thinks his life is over when he catches his fiancée with her boss and subsequently exchanges his voice for that of a dying pig.

Their love and deep religious belief drive Joseph and Liza, a criminal couple, to kidnap a priest to marry them before they are found and taken in by the police.

In a world where everything runs as a clockwork, a clockmaker embarks in a desperate attempt to beat time and find "true love".

Lukas, a young dedicated metal head, is visiting his recently departed grandfather at the hospital. Despite the bloodline, he doesn't want the old man to be buried in the family grave. Dark secrets come to light, and when opportunity comes, he seeks revenge.

Andrea, a six-year-old boy, just lost his dog. But his love for the pet will never end: it gets transformed, and it is the metaphor of renewable energy.