The Official Selection of 14° Sedicicorto is online!
14th Edition - Forlì / Italy
6/15 October 2017

Past Editions


Past editions of the Festival, with relative palmarès and statistics.



Festival 20/09/2017
Official selection of the CORTITALIA section, Italian short films of all genres.   (Compet ..
Festival 18/09/2017
Official selection for the category ANIMARE, international animated short films for kids. 16 finalists from 4 countries: France (1 ..
Festival 15/09/2017
Official selection for the category CortoinLoco, open exclusively to short films by filmmakers born or living in Emilia-Romagna region ..
Festival 14/09/2017
  After the summer vacations, we are ready to continue our journey with Around the World in 80 Shorts! This is the seventh o ..
Festival 11/09/2017
Two more sections out of competition of 14° Sedicicorto: Experia, selection of experimental short films, and Light, selection of c ..
Festival 09/09/2017
Two sections out of competition entirely dedicated to children, with short films created by children and/or youngsters (S.E.I.) and an ..
Festival 09/09/2017
The sections out of competition ATRIUM and WATER are dedicated respectively to architectural and environmental themes. ATRIUM is a s ..
Festival 06/09/2017
Official selection for the competitive section NO+D2: national and international films of any genre up to 2 minutes.   ..
Festival 05/09/2017
Among the sections out of competition, this year Sedicicorto presents a selection of shorts by emerging European authors in cooperatio ..
Festival 01/09/2017
For 14° Sedicicorto, the sections dedicated to European countries will focus on: Bulgaria - selection of animated shorts curated ..
Festival 03/08/2017
  Sedicicorto is glad to present the new visual for the 14th edition of the Festival, whose theme will be migration and integrat ..
Festival 25/07/2017
  On Thursday 27th July 2017, join us in Pennabilli (RN) for one night dedicated to short films, organized by Pro Loco of Pennab ..
Festival 13/07/2017
New stop for Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti (Around the World in 80 Shorts), event organized by Amarcort Film Festival & Sedicicorto. ..
Festival 11/07/2017
In Forlì, bike ride to discover the old movie theaters and arenas of the town On Thursday 13th July, within the program &qu ..
Festival 19/06/2017
  Our crew is working to organize the next film cruise in the best possible way! On 22nd June, from Cinema Tiberio, we will ..
Festival 13/06/2017
  In Cesenatico, from 16th to 18th June 2017, there will be plenty of events dedicated to children: parties and reading activiti ..
Festival 09/06/2017
  On Wednesday 21st June, summer solstice, we will celebrate the shortest night of the year. At Biblioteca Saffi in Corso de ..
Festival 07/06/2017
In 2017, Sedicicorto has joined the Short Film Conference, a non-profit association which came into being in 1970 with the task to pro ..
Festival 22/05/2017
  If you like travelling light and discovering new places, new cultures, and new stories, you cannot miss the next screenings of ..
Festival 15/05/2017
  16corto in tour is a new project by Sedicicorto to bring short films into movie theaters. The project is part of the initiativ ..
Festival 10/05/2017
  Ce l'ho Corto is an event dedicated to short films founded in 2015 by a group of students of Bologna sharing the passion f ..
Festival 05/05/2017
  In May, the foyer of Cinema Italia in Faenza welcomes four Saturday special events with wine, snacks, and short films. The ..
Festival 24/04/2017
  Everything is ready for a new adventure with Il Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti (Around the World in 80 Shorts). The third crui ..
Festival 18/04/2017
  The Short Film Market of 20° Brussels Short Film Festival will take place from 1st to 5th May 2017 in Brussels. BSFF ( ..
Festival 11/04/2017
  19° Semana del Cortometraje de la Comunidad de Madrid will take place from 24th to 30th April 2017: the event will include ..
Festival 27/03/2017
  There are various ways to support Associazione Sedicicorto: We invite you to consider the donation of the 5x1000 tax to our As ..
Festival 24/03/2017
  14° Sedicicorto International Film Festival, that will take place in Forlì from 6th to 15th October 2017, has obtai ..
Festival 13/03/2017
  Are you ready to raise anchor for a journey into the world of short films with Il Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti (Around the World ..
Festival 20/02/2017
  On Monday 27 February 2017, Amarcort Film Festival and Sedicicorto Film Festival will present the new edition of Il Giro del M ..
Festival 30/01/2017
  The 39th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is getting closer, and also this year Sedicicorto International Fi ..