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15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018

Palmares 2008

2008 - 5th


Forlì, 12th October 2008        

3,506 submitted films representing 98 Countries. 156 shorts selected, divided into 8 competitive sections and 2 retrospectives.

The Jury has unanimously awarded the following prizes and mentions:

      16ORO Golden Short TOYLAND   Jochen Freydank GERMANY
  Best Film: FICTION WORLD SALVADOR   Abdelatif Hwidar Spain
  Best Film: FICTION ITALY IL TORNEO   Michele Alhaique Italy
  Best Film: CORTOONIA THE HEART OF AMOS KLEIN Michal & Uri Kranot Israel
  Best Film: D/O/C VIDA LOCA   Stefania Andreotti Italy
  Best Film: CORTOexpress 18 SEGUNDOS   Bruno Zacharías, Miguel López Ximénez Spain
  VALENTINO WRESTLING   Grímur Hákonarson Iceland
  Best ORIGINAL MUSIC THE COLONY   Jeff Barnaby Canada
  Best Film: UNIVERSITY  QUEENS UP   Nitzan Gilady Israel
  Best Film: Audience Award LA RITIRATA   Elisabetta Bernardini Italy
  Best Film: Audience Award IL LAVORO   Lorenzo De Nicola Italy
  Best ACTING DE FALCO LUCIANNA "La Grande Menzogna" Italy
  Best ACTING ROELAND WIESNEKKER "Auf Der Strecke" Switzerland
  Best Film: FEDIC CANTO   Monica Petracci Italy
  Best Film: CIAK DONNA A PIEDI NUDI SUL PALCO Andrea Rovetta Italy
  Special Mention FictionWorld ROBIN   Hanno Olderdissen Germany
  Special Mention FictionWorld I LOVE SARAH JANE Spencer Susser Australia
  Special Mention FictionWorld AUF DER STRECKE Reto Caffi Switzerland
  Special Mention FictionWorld THE LAST DOG OF RWANDA Jens Assur Sweden
  Special Mention Italian Style GIGANTI   Fabio Mollo Italy
  Special Mention FictionItaly DORA   Sergio Basso Italy
  Special Mention FictionItaly IL BAMBINO DI CARLA Emanuela Rossi Italy
  Special Mention Cortoonia BERNIE'S DOLL Yann Jouette France
  Special Mention CortoLAB ADJUSTMENT   Ian Macinnon UK



2008 - 5th

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