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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019

Palmares 2006

2006 - 3rd


Forlì, 8th October 2006            
After receiving the 1,409 submitted works and considering the 145 selected film, divided into 7 competitive sections, the jury chaired by Dott. Gabriele Zelli unanimously decides to award the following prizes and mentions:
16ORO TALKING WITH ANGELS  by Yousaf Ali Kahn UK  
FICTION WORLD SPIN   by Jamin Winans USA  
FICTION ITALY ROSSO FANGO by Paolo Ameli   Italy  
D/O/C CODICE A SBARRE by Ivano De Matteo Italy  
CORTOLAB Fliegenpflicht Für Quadrat Köpfe by Stephan-Flint Müller Germany  
CORTO EXPRESS CHYENNE   by Alexander Meyer Switzerland  
CORTOINLOCO WINTER SEA by Erika Tasini   Italy  
VALENTINO MAGMA   by Vicente Navarro Spain  
BETTY BOOP TWILIGHT   by Victoria Gamburg USA/Russia  
Photography TERRA INCOGNITA by Peter Volkart   Switzerland  
Original Soundtrack VAGABOND SHOES by Jackie Oudney UK  
Actor/Actress STEPHEN BUCKLEY in Talking With Angels UK  
Audience ex-aequo HABLAME BAJITO by Fernando Merinero Spain  
Audience ex-aequo LES DERNIERS JOURS by Simon Olivier Fecteau Canada  
UNIST 100 PER CENT by Teresa Paoli Italy  
FEDIC FLASH ART by Tino Dell'Erba Italy  
SCHOOLMOVIE FERMA UN GIRO by Girolamo Macina Italy  



2006 - 3rd

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