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15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018

Jury 2013

2013 - 10th

Introducing the Festival Jury 2013


Roger Gonin (born in 1952, France). Festival director Roger Gonin has worked for one of the main short film festivals in the world since its 1979 inception - the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. This festival screens around 450 films in 14 venues for more than 150,000 spectators and attracts 3,300 industry professionals each year. Roger oversees the festival’s international and market section. As a member of its International competition Committee, he scouts for films from USA, Asia, Iran, Italy and Australia. Also in charge of the festival and market database, he directs the website and the digitization for the market video library and of video archives for the Festival’s Documentation Center. Roger, whose dream is to one day establish a museum dedicated to magic lanterns and stereoscopic viewers, has directed two shorts and worked on several others.

Per Fikse is the Director of Minimalen Short Film Festival in Trondheim (Norway) from 1999 to date, a festival he has programmed for since 1994. Simultaneously engaged as a Software Creator and Project Manager in the field of public environment surveillance. He has also commited a few shorts and written film articles published in Norwegian and international media.

Céline Masset, after studying Art History, starts her postgraduate studies in screenplay analysis and writing at Université Libre de Bruxelles. In this context, she meets Pascal Hologne, with whom she will found the Brussels Short Film Festival and, in 1998, the association Un Soir…Un Grain. She is a member of the Selection Committee for the Film Center of the French Community of Belgium and is part of the Oscar’s selection committee and the Magritte award for Belgium.

Martin Bargiel was born in 1980 in Poland but grew up in Germany. After spending a year in the USA and graduating from high school, he returned to his home town of Hannover to finish grammar school. For three years he was a photo assistant on location shoots around the world and also worked as an intern on different TV news productions. He started studying screenwriting and film directing at the Hannover University of Applied Science & Arts and even before graduating from film school with a diploma in screen-writing and film directing he had established his own company ‘into focus’, which specializes in film and photo productions.

Adam Selo, filmmaker and actor. Eclectic and outgoing, he loves the poetry of cinema, he is able to find also in the hilarity of comedy and in the rhythm of the music video. He naturally moves from his deeply real short films and Mexican documentary Playing Maruata to the dreamlike world of his music videos. His works, whatever the genre may be, are always characterized by irony or comic element, in which he feels himself perfectly at ease also as an actor.

Edo Tagliavini (Ferrara, 1971). National Skateboard Champion in 1990 and “professional” traveller (he collaborated with Clup Guide preparing some texts and photos for travel guides), after graduating from DAMS of Bologna and having some experiences in the dance theater, he obtains his diploma in filmmaking from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Subsequently, he works at various spots, music videos, and short films.

Claudio Tedaldi, Coordinator of Atelier del Cartone animato (Atelier of Cartoons) he founded in 1981 together with Tiziano Giulianini, Guerriero Cortini, Flavio Montanari, and Riccardo Conte. Since then, he has organized courses, screenings, exhibits, and seminars, and he has been invited as a speaker in various public events (IBTS, Digital Culture, Cartoons on the Bay, Computer Space...) on issues linked to animation, pedagogy, and multimedia. He worked in various communication sectors (video, graphics, illustration, pedagogy, photography, screen printing, infographics, multimedia, 2D and 3D animation).

Alessia Travaglini (Recanati, 1982), graduated in Graphic Design at I.S.I.A. of Urbino and with a Master’s Degree in Light Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, but it was during the Erasmus programme experience in England, at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts, and after attending the Cinema and Animation specialization course at the Art Institute of Urbino, that the technique of moving images and its role in the Film and Animation first appealed to her. Since then, she went on researching ways to explore that world as a powerful form of communication.

Simone Massi was born in Pergola (Pesaro-Urbino, Italy) in May 1970. Ex worker, of peasants origin, he studied Film Animation at the Art School of Urbino. Independent animator, he has been trying for 17 years – in a clean way – to transform his passion for drawing into a job. Despite the difficulties, he has conceived and realized (alone and entirely by hand) a dozen of small animation films that have been shown in 55 countries of 5 continents and have collected over 200 awards.



2013 - 10th

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