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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019

Palmares 2013

2013 - 10th


16ORO - Movie Curfew Shawn Christensen USA
16ORO - Anima&Lab The Women's Day Gift Mikhail Dvoryankin Russia
16ORO - Cortitalia Genesi Donatella Altieri Italy
16ORO - Bebisciort Snap Thomas G. Murphy  Belgium
Special Mention-Movie A Society Jens Assur Sweden
Special Mention-Movie 216 mois Valentin Potier, Frédéric Potier France
Special Mention-Anima&Lab Fruehzug Delia Hess Switzerland
Special Mention-Cortitalia Il passo della lumaca Daniele Suraci Italy
University   The Long Way Down Yasser Howaidy United Arab Emirates
Euroshort   Kiruna Kigali Goran Kapetanovic Sweden
Express ¡Beeeee! Álvaro Oliva Spain
Best Comedy Mort ou Fisc Jérôme Blanquet, Jérémy Rochigneux France
Best Documentary Mookie Neske Beks Netherlands
Best Script Citizen Torralba Redux Jesus Hernandez Spain
Audience Award Curfew Shawn Christensen USA
Cortoinloco Award Ci vuole un fisico Alessandro Tamburini Italy
Fedic Award Closed Box-a scatola chiusa Riccardo Salvetti e Gianfranco Boattini Italy
Corte Tripoli Award Margerita Alessandro Grande Italy
Gilberto Giorgetti Award Dreaming Apecar Dario Leone Italy
Press Award Calcutta Taxi Vikram Dasgupta Canada
Ryanair Award Smile Matteo Pianezzi Italy



2013 - 10th

Festival 03/06/2019
“Woman in set”: The first Artist-in-Residence program of Sedicicorto International Film Festival With the participation o ..
Festival 09/04/2019
  “Sbellicati”, the new hilarious series of screening by Sedicicorto, starts on April 12th   After the ..
Festival 03/04/2019
Since it was born in 2004, Sedicicorto International Film Festival has always pursued the objective of promoting short films, encouraging ..
Festival 14/03/2019
Festival 04/03/2019
After the huge success of the past edition, the Sedicicorto International Film Festival animated short movies are back at Sala San Luigi ..
Festival 04/02/2019
Also in 2019 we will attend the Clermont film festival and the Marchée. About 4,000 professionals will gather there from the 1st t ..
Festival 02/02/2019
Festival 21/01/2019
Illustrator Antonello Silverini’s visual for 2019 will be showcased in preview The short film submission call for the 16th edi ..
Festival 17/01/2019
On Wednesday 16th January, Sedicicorto was host of Il Cinemino, in Milan. The planning included ten short films recently praised at ..
Festival 15/01/2019
The secret to discover future film-makers? Easy: by watching short films! These "little films" are, in fact, the best train ..
Festival 14/10/2018
Festival 14/10/2018
Festival 18/09/2018
Festival 04/09/2018
  competition - MOVIE - International Films - Fiction & Documentaries ..
Festival 03/09/2018
  Out of competition – LIGHT     ..
Festival 11/08/2018
The theatrical drama “Rwanda” becomes a movie. It will premiere in Venice.   The movie Rwanda has its first prem ..
Festival 09/07/2018
On Saturday the 7th of July, in the beautiful Piazzetta delle Conserve in Cesenatico, 102 children jurors voted and established the follo ..
Festival 30/06/2018
The Chinese film market – Chronicles from the SIFF During the Shanghai International Film Festival, several meetings were dedic ..
Festival 19/06/2018
In order to strengthen our international activity, we will attend from 16 to 21 June the Shanghai international film festival. One of big ..
Festival 19/06/2018
The film festival with the world’s youngest jury Cesenatico’s fiery week-long show of animated short films   ..
Festival 07/06/2018
Sedicicortoand Prem1ere Film set up a partnership for the realization of the Italian subtitles for the short film The Silent Ch ..