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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019

Jury 2015

2015 - 12th

Sílvia Ferran Salvadó: Co-director of FEC Festival_Reus European Short Film Festival (Spain). BA in Fine Arts, professional photographer and graphic designer, she has exhibited in galleries in Spain and abroad since 1995. Jointly with Christian Inaraja, she is the head of the Valdrada design studio, primarily poster design and setting up exhibitions. Today, the FEC Festival is a benchmark event for contemporary short filmmaking in Europe, due to the careful selection process and high level of the films that compete.

Mirca Viola begins her film career as leading actress together with Ben Gazzara in the film BANDITI, where she also works as assistant director. After various acting experiences in cinema and television, she decides to commit herself to filmmaking, at first as assistant of talented directors like Giuseppe Ferrara (Falcone and Il caso Moro) and Tonino Valerii. In 2011, she debuts as a director with her first feature film L’amore fa male. In 2014, she directs the feature Cam Girl.

Olha Reiter is an executive director of Lviv Film Commission and Film Fund, she is also a co-founder and CEO one of the most visible and active NGOs in audiovisual field in Ukraine - Wiz-Art ( She was born in the beautiful and old city of Lviv, Western Ukraine. Olha graduated from Lviv National University of Ivan Franko, Slavic Philology and Cultural Studies. In 2006, she started to run a film club at the university and then, following her passion for films, she co-founded Lviv International Short Film Festival in 2008, which became the first step of her career in film.

Morvern Cunningham has been Festival Coordinator of the Glasgow Short Film Festival for the last three years alongside Festival Director Matt Lloyd, and has in that time witnessed its growth into Scotland's premier short film festival. Morvern also runs global film network Future Shorts events in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, and is co-founder of Edinburgh-based surrealist film collective KinoKlub. She is also working to establish the newly formed Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) across Scotland.

Christian Inaraja Genís, Co-director of FEC Festival_Reus European Short Film Festival (Spain). Artist and illustrator, he has had several exhibitions of his work, both in Spain and abroad. As an illustrator, his work is mainly focused on book illustration and poster design. He has illustrated more than seventy books, published by leading publishers and translated into several languages, as well as drawing regularly in many regular publications, especially those for children and/or young people.

Rita Capucho is a doctoral student in Film and Image Studies at the University of Coimbra, with a research project on the Portuguese amateur cinema. BA and MA in Art Studies at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra. She currently works as a producer at Cineclube of Avanca and Filmógrafo Animation Studios and participates in the organization of the Avanca Film Festival - International Meeting of Cinema, TV, video and Multimedia. She’s programmer of the cinema room Cinema Dolce Vita de Ovar.

Paola Bristot is professor of Languages of Contemporary Art, and the Theory and Analysis of the Cinema and Audiovisual at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She is a curator of visual art exhibitions, like the recent "" (in Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Paris, Hamburg; Torre Massimiliana, Venice and Visionario - Centro per le Arti Visive, Udine, 2011/12) and collaborated with Coconino Press editor. She is the president of the Vivacomix association and the art director for the Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione (since 2007), in Udine, Pordenone, Gorizia and Trieste. She curated, with Andrea Martignoni, the 3 anthology of contemporary animated short film, "Animazioni".

Tamás Gábeli - I awaked to my consciousness during international saunters in the second half of the nineties and I got into the labyrinth of the visual culture – about which I thought I was interested only in the documentarist part, but after a while I realized: the youngest branch of the fine arts was much more complex. Bakerman, office-worker, solar-factorist, longshoreman, gardener, cabinetmaker, hobby-fillmmaker, cinema technician, adman… And by rousing on the failures of my own films I took up international shorts at the millenary. Nowadays daddy of 2 kids, BioGroup assistant, and the director of the BuSho International Short Film Festival.

Francesco Saverio Marzaduri, born in Bologna in 1977, graduated from the Department of Music and Performing Arts of the University of Bologna with full marks and “dignity of printing”. He organized film forums. He collaborates as film critic with several blogs and film magazines, both online and traditional. In 2012, he wrote an essay called Noul Val – Il nuovo cinema romeno 1989-2009, published by Archetipo and distributed by CLUEB publishing house.

Paolo Micalizzi, journalist, film critic and historian. He began his film critic career at the age of 20, contributing to the newspaper “Gazzetta Padana” of Ferrara. After that, he contributed to several film magazines, supervising “Cineclub” for three years. Today he is the director of the Fedic online magazine “Carte di Cinema”. Since 1969, he has been contributing as film critic to the newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino”, with articles both in the Ferrara issue and in the national issue. He has been awarded for his film critic activity. He also works as cultural operator at Fedic (he is a Fedic member since 1960) organizing, among the other things, the Fedic Award and Forum at Venice Film Festival. He has been festival director, press office director, and member of short film juries. He has also published some books about cinema.

Maurizio Villani is professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Religious Science in Ferrara, where he also held workshops on the relationship between cinema and religions. He is member of the Directorate and the Education Commission of the Italian Philosophical Society. He has written several philosophy essays and history of philosophy manuals. He has edited a philosophical collection in four volumes for Hoepli publishing house. He contributes to the online magazine “Conoscenze filosofiche” and to the websites “Il Giardino Dei Pensieri” and “Philosophica”. Interested in a critical reflection on cinema, he is one of the authors of the Fedic magazine “Carte di Cinema”, with his essays on the relationship between cinema and philosophy.

The Junior Jury is formed by 125 children aged between 3-12. The jury members, selected through a pre-registration system, have watched the 16 finalists of the ANIMARE category and, during “screening duels” of two films at a time, they have chosen the winner on Saturday 11th July 2015 in Cesenatico (FC).



2015 - 12th

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