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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019

Jury 2017


MOVIE - international fiction & documentaries

Aitor Arenas Suso (Spain)
Aitor Arenas Suso (1981, Bilbao) graduated in Audiovisual Communication from UPV/EHU - University of the Basque Country. He sees itself as a "short film activist", as he has performed every kind of works in short format. He directed and produced several films. The last one, AINHOA (by the multi-award-winning director Iván Sáinz-Pardo) is currently on the festival circuit gathering a multitude of awards. He has been directing for 16 years the Comedy Festival "Humor en Corto", from Arrigorriaga, his hometown.
He is co-founder and current CEO of BANATU FILMAK, one of the most important distribution and sales agencies in Spain. For BANATU, he collaborates with several national (CORTADA, Octubre Corto, ABYCINE, Kimuak, Amnistía Internacioal España) and international (INCAA, Uncipar) festivals and institutions. He has programmed for different institutions and festivals, such as ZINEBI (Spain) or CSFF (China), where for two years he has collaborated as an International Consultant. He is also a member of the board of directors of the AIC (Asociación de la Industria del Corto) and the Coordinadora del Corto.

Wouter Jansen (the Netherlands)
Wouter Jansen holds a master's degree in Cultural Policy and Patronage. He started working as the head of the program department of Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (NL) in 2009. In his current position, he is in charge of all competition programs.
In 2013, he started the festival strategy and distribution company Some Shorts, which specializes in visually powerful and daring short and feature films and documentaries. With Some Shorts, Wouter tries to support upcoming talented filmmakers and follow their work throughout their career. Over the years, the small catalogue of films premiered at prestigious festivals, won multiple awards and screened all over the world.

Niels Putman (Belgium)
Niels Putman (25, Belgium) got a Master’s Degree in both Audiovisual Arts and Film Studies & Visual Culture. He now works as a freelance film journalist, writing for several Dutch magazines and he is also the editor-in-chief of the only Flemish film magazine focusing on short films.
Alongside, he coordinates the Short Film Conference: the only international organization seeking to unite the global short film industry. Niels is also connected to a casting agency as a talent scout looking for new faces for film & TV.


ANIMALAB - international animation and experimental shorts

Žofia Bosáková (Slovakia)
Žofia Bosáková, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, is Director at International Animation Festival Fest Anča. She was co-founder and PR Manager at Visegrad Film Forum, a networking platform dedicated to informal education for students from Central Europe. She has worked with International Student Film Festival Early Melons.
Žofia has written extensively for a number of different media and has reviewed films on a regular basis for the only film monthly in Slovakia. Žofia has an academic background in the audiovisual studies and her recent research focused on the approaches of public film funding.

Luce Grosjean (France)
Passionate about cinema since adolescence, Luce Grosjean started working with film festivals at a very young age, and she participated in the organization of some of them. Holding a BTS and a degree in production management at GOBELINS, she meets the animation world during her training at TeamTO. True to this orientation, she was in charge of the coordination of RECA (Network of Schools of Animated Cinema).
In 2014, she founded Sève Films, a company designed to promote films from film schools among festivals and to produce and distribute young authors.

Antonio Zucconi (Italy)
Screenwriter and author of animated films. His short films won prizes and mentions in several film events, including Nastri d’Argento (best animated short film with "The Perfect Planet" in 2011 and with "Autogenic Training" in 2012) and David di Donatello, where "Priests" (2013) was nominated for best short film.
He wrote and animated sequences for the movie "La scuola più bella del mondo" (2014) and co-wrote the screenplay of "Non c’è più religione" (2016), both directed by Luca Miniero, and he wrote the story of "Orecchie" (2017) directed by Alessandro Aronadio. Together with Luca Miniero, he is the author of the stage play "Due", starring Raoul Bova and Chiara Francini. For the magazine Linus, he wrote the texts of the monthly comic strip "Pearson & Carlo", drawn by the illustrator Emanuele Simonelli. In 2015, he wrote the book "Pianeta Terra. Guida per visitatori alieni" (Castelvecchi – Ultra).


CORTITALIA - national shorts, all genres
CORTOinLOCO - shorts from Emilia-Romagna

Simona Meriggi (Italy)
She was born in Florence, she lives in Romagna, and she is a citizen of the world. After building her education and professional career in Italy, Europe and the United States, Simona Meriggi boasts several important experiences in the world of dance, theater, and musical. Dancer, actress, choreographer, and director of dance, theater, and musical shows, she works as artistic director in two schools, and as guest teacher and choreographer for many schools all over Italy. Thanks to important experiences as actress and dubbing actress, she directed and played roles in short films that have been selected by the most important national festivals and received several awards and special mentions.
Since 2008, she is the artistic director of Amarcort International Short Film Festival, held every year in Rimini. She is in touch with several festivals and events both in Italy and abroad, often visiting them as a guest or jury member.

Emanuela Ponzano (Italy)
Born in Brussels, she graduated in Political Science from Université libre de Bruxelles in 1995 and in Dramatic Arts from Liège National Academy in Belgium in 2000. After "Bagnasciuga" (2008), in 2009 she directs her first fiction short film "Riflessi", selected in about twenty international film festivals, awarded as best film at 3rd Cortovisione IFF, and obtaining the Women Film Critic Prize and the Special Mention at I’ve Seen Films IFF 2010 of Rutger Hauer in Milan.
She acted in movies like "L’inchiesta" (2006) by Giulio Base, "The Moon and the Stars" (2007) by John Irvin and "La gelosia" (2013) by Philippe Garrel, presented at 70th Venice International Film Festival. Her second fiction short film "The Sled", with over 90 international selections and 32 awards, was officially selected for Nastri d’Argento awards. She is currently working at the script of her first feature.

Sergio Stagno (Italy)
Born in Cagliari in 1967, he graduated in Economy. Journalist, communication and new media expert, he is founding member of Skepto International Film Festival and Netsoul, a company dealing with marketing, communication, and software development. He was part of the jury in important film festivals.


NO+D2 - films lasting max. 2 minutes, all genres

Special program dedicated to the middle and secondary schools of Forlì. The students will watch the films of NO+D2 section (films up to 2 minutes) and will choose their favorite ones among the 20 finalists. The film obtaining more votes will receive the NO+D2 award, consisting of 500€ and the statuette LumìnOR.


ANIMARE - international animated shorts for kids

Junior Jury
The Junior Jury is formed by 100 children aged between 4-13 and chooses the winner of the ANIMARE section. During "screening duels" of two films at a time, the jury members have watched the 16 finalists, using special plastic caps to express their preferences. On Sunday 9th July 2017 in Cesenatico (FC), the jury members gathered in the charming square of Piazza delle Conserve to choose the winner. All children forming the jury have received a certificate of participation.





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