Official Selection ONLINE
Forlì / Italy
7/16 October 2016

Winners 2014



16ORO - Movie Xe tải của bố Mauricio Osaki Brazil/Vietnam
16ORO - Animalab Simulacra Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson Croatia
16ORO - Cortitalia Tacco 12 Valerio Vestoso Italy
16ORO - Animare Dustin Kristina Jäger Germany
Special Mention-Movie Tout ce que tu ne peux pas laisser derrière toi Nicolas Lasnibat France
Special Mention-Animalab Hasta Santiago Mauro Carraro Switzerland
Special Mention-Cortitalia Il Serpente Nicola Prosatore Italy
University Award Jiminy Arthur Molard France
Euroshort Award Defa e Moghadas Nima Mohaghegh Netherlands
Best Documentary Scars of Cambodia Alexandre Liebert France
Best Script Prins Filip Alexandra Arcari Gimdal - Torbjörn Fraenckel Sweden
Audience Award Superman n'est pas juif Jimmy Bemon France
Cortoinloco Award E Divèri Silvia Bigi Italy
Fedic Award Piove Federico Zucchi, Lu Pulici Italy
Corte Tripoli Award Thriller Giuseppe Marco Albano Italy
Gilberto Giorgetti Award Nacho Calorro Emilio Sánchez Zaballos Spain
Press Award Avant que de tout perdre Xavier Legrand France
Artistic Direction Award Targishi babait Helli Hardy Israel
Best Actor Piove Roberto Agostino Italy
Best Comedy Gran Futuro Sergio Paton Spain




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