Submissions are open
15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018




1 – The contest

The 2017 edition of Sedicicorto Film Festival gives you the opportunity to take part in a photography competition called #16cortoclick. It is a digital photography competition which will take place from 15th September to 15th October 2017. Take one or two pictures on the theme “Forlì and cinema” or “Sedicicorto Film Festival 2017”. It is forbidden to take photos in the theatre during film projections.

2 – How to participate

Log in with your Facebook or Instagram profile to participate in the competition.

FACEBOOK: Post the photo on your Facebook wall mentioning our page @16cortoclick in the description. The post has to be public, so that it can be seen by All users, not just by your Facebook friends.

INSTAGRAM: Post your photo with the hashtag #16cortoclick.

Photos which will be posted before or after the period set for the competition will not be considered. Off-topic, offensive or inappropriate photos will be unquestionably excluded from the contest by a technical jury.

From the time pictures are posted on social media, it could take a few hours for them to be verified, accepted and uploaded to our website.

3 – Who can participate

Everyone can participate in the contest. You don’t have to sign up for it.

4 – Technical equipment

It is possible to use any kind of digital device suitable for taking pictures.

5 – Voting rules

All the photos will be collected on the website Each photo can be voted for at most 30 days starting from the date it appears on the website. The visitors of the website will choose the winner of the contest: everyone can express their own choice. More photos can be voted at the same time and one photo can be voted several times.

You can invite your friends and contacts to visit the website and vote for their favourite picture.

You can also participate in the contest with more than one photo. Post them separately and follow the same instructions of point 2.

Any abuse implies the exclusion from the competition.

It is possible to express votes only through the website. “Likes” on social media will not be taken into account.

6 – Liability

The pictures of the competition belong to Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, Facebook’s and Instagram’s rights policy applies to the contest. Pictures are public by choice of their owners. Participants take responsibility for the content of their pictures.

Each participant is liable to account for their own actions which may be contrary to rules, regulations and prescriptions.

7 – Prizes

The jury is popular (all the visitors can express their vote without signing up).

A technical committee, appointed by the website administrator (Associazione Culturale Sedicicorto), reserves the right to reward particularly worthy photos. Decisions made by the technical committee are unquestionable.

The 5 most voted pictures’ owners will win:

- a 9-month subscription to the SEDICICORTO video library;

- our Sedicicorto t-shirt;

- our Sedicicorto tote bag.

The results of the contest will be published by 15th November 2017.

8 – Intellectual Property of the pictures

According to the existing legislation, all property rights of the pictures and the right to use them belong to the owner of the photos. Every participant authorizes the Organisation to use the images only for promotional and non-commercial purposes, retaining the only right to be mentioned on social media. Sedicicorto Film Festival reserves the possibility to use winning photos for initiatives only and exclusively concerning this festival also in future editions.

9 – Acceptance of the rules

Taking part in the competition implies having read and accepted all the rules above mentioned.



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