10-13 JULY 2019

Cesenatico - Italy


ANIMARE is an animated film festival dedicated to children. Its peculiarity consists in the jury, which is the youngest film festival jury in the world: 100 children from 3 to 13 years of age give their opinion on the films presented and choose the winners. It's the youngest film jury in the world. With the help of a varied and flexible language, ANIMARE aims at promoting film literacy, dialogue, and civic education. Children are the core of this event: with their special critical sense, they analyze and assess the films screened.

ANIMARE is promoted by Cooperativa Esercenti Stabilimenti Balneari of Cesenatico with the patronage of the Municipality of Cesenatico.

ANIMARE is organized by Cineclub FEDIC Sedicicorto.

Screenings start at 9:30pm





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