EuroShort is a network of nine European short film festivals developing a tangible collaboration in order to promote the circulation of European short films of young filmmakers.



- Promoting the circulation of European short films by young filmmakers in the festival circuit and among distributors

- Promoting the dialogue among the European festivals involved

- Promoting the implementation of joint actions and projects at a European level



Festival partnerships are often mere and sterile agreements on paper which do not consider the implementation of joint actions


What is it

EuroShort would like to be a different partnership proposal: transparent, thanks to the publication of aims, actions, and results on its own website; efficient and innovative, thanks to real actions implemented by each festival forming the network



- Strengthening the European network

- Strengthening national and international funding projects

- Exchanging products

- Resulting promotion and advertisement




Selection of a maximum of 9 films, one from each festival involved



- Festival catalogues (publication of the EuroShort logo in a page with a short description of the project and the list of the joining Festivals)

- Festival website (publication of the EuroShort logo and the link to

- Website

- Joint merchandising



The compilation with the chosen films can be distributed in the following ways:

- Special EuroShort screening section during each festival

- Marché du Film in Clermont-Ferrand and other eventual trade fairs each festival decides to take part in

- Extra-European network of each festival

- National network of each festival



- Jury members recommendations

- Mailing list

- Film recommendations

- Dialogue list exchange

- Subtitles exchange

- Retrospective sections recommendations

- Author or Country specials recommendations

- Collaboration and exchanges in trade fairs

- Exchange of guests

- 100CORTI Project



- DVD compilation / Vimeo Album EuroShort

- EuroShort gadgets

- EuroShort postcard to distribute during the festivals and at the trade fairs




EUROSHORT 02/11/2017
18th International Izmir Short Film Film Festival (Turkey) will run from 7th to 12th November 2017. Over 400 films are going to be ..
EUROSHORT 16/08/2017
  13. BuSho – The Budapest Short International Film Festival (Hungary) will take place from 29th August to 3rd September 2 ..
EUROSHORT 21/07/2017
  21st Avanca Film Festival (Portugal) will take place from 21st to 30th July 2017. One of the partners of the EuroShort Net ..
EUROSHORT 23/06/2017
  14° In The Palace International Film Festival, the only festival dedicated to short films in Bulgaria, will take place in ..
EUROSHORT 13/01/2017
  During the 32° Marché du Film Court that will take place in Clermont-Ferrand (France) from 6 to 10 February 2017, t ..
EUROSHORT 09/01/2017
  Within the activities for the dissemination of Italian short films abroad, also this year Sedicicorto promotes the compilation ..
EUROSHORT 28/05/2015
During 12° Sedicicorto International Film Festival, on 16th-17th October 2015, the Festival will organize a Campus for young authors ..
EUROSHORT 28/05/2015
Sedicicorto actively participated in the Marché du Film during the Festival de Cannes 2015, from 13th to 16th May, thanks to the s ..
EUROSHORT 22/05/2015
Italian Panorama @ Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art - UKRAINE The short films included in the compilation "Italian ..
EUROSHORT 24/03/2015
On the occasion of XVIII Fec Festival in Reus (Catalonia, Spain), the artistic director of Sedicicorto Gianluca Castellini was invited as ..
EUROSHORT 29/01/2015
In a few days, Sedicicorto will be at the 30° Marché International du Court Métrage in Clermont-Ferrand (France), toget ..
EUROSHORT 29/01/2015
Tuesday 3rd February 2015, during the meeting among some of the EuroShort partner festivals, the 2014 short film album will be presented. ..
EUROSHORT 27/11/2014
21 December, the shortest day of the year. The EuroShort Network joins the celebrations for the short film day. Sedicicorto presents, in ..
EUROSHORT 31/01/2014
During the next EUROSHORT meeting on Tuesday 4th February, our staff will present some promotional material. Moreover, the 2nd EUROSHORT ..
EUROSHORT 31/01/2014
On Tuesday 4th February at 2:30pm, at the Italian Short Corner in the Marché of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival ..
EUROSHORT 09/12/2013
EuroShortFilmDay - 21st December 2013 Saturday 21st December at 5.30pm Auditorium Cariromagna - Via Flavio Biondo n° 16, Forl&i ..