It's been a couple of years since we started to feel the need to go into depth on stories that, for various reasons, could not find a place in the schedule of Sedicicorto and, consequently, have been set aside.
The difficult selection leads to the unavoidable risk of parting with very good works that rarely are given a second chance. Often their fate is to be stacked on dusty shelves.
Every year, Sedicicorto receives over 4,000 films, and about 400 of them are documentaries. Fiction and documentary are two expressions of the same art whose boundaries are becoming more and more faint and permeable. As a matter of fact, docufiction - combining the two narrative styles - is gaining ground.
In a generalist festival like Sedicicorto, we could offer to documentaries a limited showcase if compared to the value and number of the works to be screened.
In the past few years, other genres demanded for greater attention: in the case of animation for children, in 2011 a rib of Sedicicorto became what is now the well-established experience of ANIMARE Animated Film Festival.
This year, we would like to inaugurate a brand-new film festival entirely dedicated to documentaries: DocuShort.
Naturally oriented towards the world of short films, DocuShort aims at bringing the spotlight on the international documentary scene, considering the time restrictions set by short films.
We will be looking for stories that are short, but not less captivating than others.
The maximum running time is 40 minutes. Maybe too few for those who must follow commercial rules, but quite enough for those who want to intrigue and thrill our audience.