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15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018

Sedicicorto @ 13. BuSho Film Festival



13. BuSho – The Budapest Short International Film Festival (Hungary) will take place from 29th August to 3rd September 2017.

One of the partners of the EuroShort Network, BuSho will present within its programming a parallel section entirely dedicated to the compilation Italian Short Film n. 9, including eight of the best Italian short films selected at 13° Sedicicorto: Bellissima by Alessandro Capitani - Camper by Alessandro Tamburini - Dalila by Magda Guidi - Dove l'acqua con altra acqua si confonde by Massimo Loi & Gianluca Mangiasciutti - La slitta by Emanuela Ponzano - Luce by Marco Napoli - Nur by Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi - Per Anna by Andrea Zuliani.

Another parallel section will be dedicated to the ten short films forming the EuroShort 2016 selection: Landing by Filipe Martins (Portugal, 2016) - Betonzaj (The Sound of Concrete) by István Kovács (Hungary, 2015) - Café para llevar (Coffee To Go) by Patricia Font (Spain, 2014) - The Translator by Emre Kayiş (Turkey, 2014) - Isabella by Duncan Cowles, Ross Hogg (UK, 2015) - Love by Boya Harizanova (Bulgaria, 2015) - Per Anna (For Anna) by Andrea Zuliani (Italy, 2015) - Priče iz bijele sobe (White Room Stories) by Silva Ćapin (Croatia, 2016) - Nail by Philip Sotnychenko (Ukraine, 2016) - The Living Spirit by Emil Denev (Bulgaria, 2015), winner of the EuroShort Campus 2015/2016.

The screenings will take place respectively on Wednesday 30th August from 8:00pm (Italian Short Film) and on Friday 1st September from 8:00pm (EuroShort) at Art+ Cinema.

Sedicicorto will attend the festival to introduce the screenings and as part of the international jury.

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