Submissions 2019, are CLOSED
16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019

Selection - SEI / Bebisciort


Two sections out of competition entirely dedicated to children, with short films created by children and/or youngsters (S.E.I.) and animated short films for children (BEBISCIORT).

(Out of Competition)  -  S.E.I. Scuola Educazione Immagine    
Ad Astra France Bonnemort, Massin, Vallerich
Bambini a Colori Italy Atelier Cartone animato
Blink France Ghys, Léger, Rémy, Steiner
Cher Papa Belgium 13 ENFANTS Collectif
Entre les lignes France Remy, Alion, Casacoli, Eve, Le Bec
Iron Mountain France Brachet, Fraud, Guerre, Kessler, Marline
Le saut de l'ange Belgium 11 ENFANTS Collectif
Meanwhile France Deleplanque, Delquie, Fort, Langoux, Roques
Panique à bord Belgium 19 ENFANTS Collectif
Petit Markus Belgium 20 ENFANTS Collectif
Sasol Italy Atelier Cartone animato
The End France Blondelle, Cunat, Labbé, Lugiery, Moreau, Pietra
The Show France Auquier, Cazes, Madec, Ottevaere

(Out of Competition) - BEBISCIORT - International Films, Animation for Kids
Alvin the Ant USA Zehao Xue
Be Be Bears Russia Alexey Mironov
Boxi: Traffic Jam Hungary Béla Klingl
El Aguejro Mexico Maribel Suárez
En Vol France Britanny Lefebvre
Gigglebug//E25 Iron Barry Finland Joonas Utti
Groomed USA Samantha Armiger
Invisible USA Michael Trikosko, Andrew Wilson
Junk Japan Giulia Lamperti
Leo & Tig Russia Alexander Lutkevich
Lilou Lebanon Rawan Rahim
Miriami kana unistus Estonia Andres Tenusaar
Morningbird and Murmelton on Winter Holiday Norway Annette Saugestad Helland
On Schedule USA Elena Manetta
Pautinka Russia Natalia Chernysheva
Spring in Autumn Belarus Tatiana Koublitskaya
Subaku the Netherlands Marlies Van Der Wel
The Persimmon Tree Taiwan Yeh Chao-chun