Submissions 2019, are open
15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018

Selection - ANIMARE


Official selection for the category ANIMARE, international animated short films for kids.

16 finalists from 4 countries: France (13) - Spain (1) - South Korea (1) and Germany (1). The winner is chosen by a baby-jury made of about 100 children between 3 and 13 years of age.

(Competition) - ANIMARE - International Films, Animation for Kids  
Billy & Bud France Arnoult, Brés, Marcel, Hautbout, Louise Baron
Charlie et ses grandes dents France Lalanne, Yao, Sabin,  Verninas, Hao Yang
Darrel Spain Marc Briones, Alan Carabantes
Delivery France Belot, Scalesse, Huang,Torres
Georges  France Emma Fernandes 
Indice 50 France Guené, Belmudes, Clef, Amblard, Fumel, Houg
Jamais sans mon dentier France Hugo Favre 
Johnny Express South Korea Woo Kyungmin 
Jubilee France Coralie Soudet 
Knight to meet you France Fromager, Bogdel, Canot
Luchador France Bacro, Chandelier, Pierre, Plagniol, Renault
Mezcaliente France Pirritano, Seghetto Bodart, Daunis, Fournié, Leriche
Nobody Nose Cleopatra France Chitou, Lebreton, Loiseau, Meah,  Monier,Razafindralambo, Rondol, SalviI, Trefleze
Our Wonderful Nature - The Common Chameleon Germany Tomer Eshed
Selfiecat France Bernard Emeline, Divet Elsa, Droneau Gaël
Swiff France Agliata, Bonora, Bellour, Gambier, Berckmans, Lavoine