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15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018

NeHo18 - 18 in 2018


Sedicicorto International Film Festival presented to the public at Teatro Testori in Forlì, the project “NeHo18”. This project is a workshop for youngsters born in the year 2000 who in 2018 will become “legally adults”, just like the millennium does. The workshop includes both practical and theoretical classes for the students, the final project will be a short movie, the first to be produced by Sedicicorto.

The idea comes from Pilot Theatre in York, which suggested to investigate different subjects that could be relating to the process of becoming adults, and at the same time to give the chance to the participants to be actors in different types of media: cinema and theatre. Through the Europe Shift + platform, the whole ideas arrived in Germany, Portugal, France and Italy. Here in Forlì the Compagnia Elsinor from ‘Teatro Testori’ and Sedicicorto International Film Festival both accepted the idea.

Each local organization will develop the idea autonomously by giving voice to the participants inclinations. At the end of the project there will be two final works: a theatrical play and a short film. All the productions will be performed in the local areas and the will reunite for an international event in one of the European cities. 

Sedicicorto Film Festival will begin the classes (total of 30 hours) January 18th. The aim is to give to the participants the means and the techniques in order for them to create their first short film, by exploring ambitions, fears and hopes that might arise when growing up. A part of the classes will be held by different professionals in the cinema industry (directors, screenwriters, video makers). 

This workshop is a new way to support schools and the education of the younger generations in discovering the world of cinema. This workshop is part of the mission of the sedicicorto association.  NeHo18 looks at the future as these participants are the audience of the future.


Teatro Giovanni Testori (Forlì)

Pilot Theatre:

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