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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019



For three teenagers from Forlì, who just turned 18, this is a unique occasion to engage with other teenagers from France, Germany, Portugal, and England.


2018 marks the coming of age of the new century as like every teenager born in 2000, it turns 18.What does it mean to be the first who are over 18 in this century? What do millennials expect from the future? What will they offer to the years to come, when they will hold in their hands the fate of the world? What world will they live in? For three months now, a group of students born in 2000 has been working on these questions, as part of a European initiative to which the Teatro Testori and Sedicicorto have been invited. Sedicicorto is participating with a cinema-based project called NEHO18. Everything started with an idea of York Pilot Theatre, which has proposed to investigate the themes involved in the coming of age. The teenagers were given the opportunity to express themselves through two types of media: theatre and cinema. This proposal falls within the European Union project Platform Europe Shift+, which includes, as well as England and Italy, Germany, Portugal, and France. Teatro Testori is also a partner and involved Sedicicorto.


Specifically, Sedicicorto, with its project NEHO18, is taking care of the cinematographic side of the project that will culminate with the production of a short film. To this end, Sedicicorto has organised a course on Film Production and Cinema, so that the teenagers would be able to express themselves with the proper tools. The course involves 15 students born in 2000, coming from several High Schools: Liceo Scientifico Paolucci di Calboli, ITI Marconi, Liceo Artistico e Musicale e Liceo Classico Linguistico Morgagni.


The lessons, held weekly, started in January and will end in April with the production of a short film, dedicated to teenagers who just came of age. In addition to the course's main teachers Simone Pelatti (technical part and management) and Alice Fabbri (subject and screenplay), the following experts have attended so far: screenwriter Sofia Assirelli, photographer Juan Martìn de Baigorria, and sound technician Enrico Zattoni. Director Roberto Merlino will participate in a class dedicated to direction, whilst Gianfranco Boattini will hold a lecture on scenography.


Among the initiatives included in the project, there is a short cultural exchange between York and Forlì, that will take place between April and May. Three students from Forlì who already came of age, Michele Gazzoni, Chiara Giornelli and Marianna Paglionico, will be hosted in York for three days from April 4, while a small English delegation will travel to Forlì in May. A final meeting is also planned in October in Marseille, where the representatives of the various European groups will meet to share their experiences.

Sedicicorto Festival - being held this year from the 5th to the 14th of October - will premiere the short film, constituted by five stories, each created by a different group of students participating in NeHo18 course.  This five stories will also be played separately during the first days of the festival. The students will also be part of the judging panel for the first edition of Italia Film Fedic, that will be held during Sedicicorto Festival from the 5th to the 7th of October.


NEHO18 is supported by Forlì Council, Mibact (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism), and FEDIC (Italian Federation of Film Clubs).


NEHO18 is very active on social media. Visit the NEHO18 website,, and Sedicicorto's Facebook ( and Instagram (



Translated by: Giorgia Marinelli