Submissions are open
15th Edition - Forlì / Italy
5/14 October 2018



The “Evergreen” crowdfunding campaign has started! 

Sedicicorto is the association that organizes the international shortfilm festival in the city of Forlì, in October evrey year.

The quality of the selection and of the collateral events has been ackwnoledged by peer professionals and its audience. Untile today, the festival has been organized by volunteers who take care of the festival all year round. However the effort of the team cannot do it all....that is why we need more support!

The campagin runs for 2 months (until the end of May) on IdeaGinger 

The campagin aims at:

  • keep having high quality cinema;
  • support the distribution of shortfilms;
  • Support directors by giving them more visibility;
  • gain more visibility at national and international level;
  • promote shortfilm culture all around the world


Watch the video with English subtitles to get a better insight of who we are and what we ask for, thanks for your time!



List of Supporters: 

Andrea Matano

Barbara Rossi

Rosanna Fabbri

Enrico Manwuller

Maria Luisa De Lorenzi

Vittorio Spinelli

Barbara Spinelli

Tommaso Castellini

Barbara Castellini

Rosanna Fabbri

Gianni Castellini

Andrea Bravetti

Joana Fresu De Azevedo

Gianluca Castellini


Simone Pelatti

Giorgio Ricci

Davide Giunchi

Anna Fresu

Daniela Goldoni

Davide Savelli

Barbara Grassi

Silvano Santandrea

Alessandra Orlo

Montserat Ventura

Antonio Rocco

Enrico Gregorio

Giada Averni

Marianna Paglionico

Chiara Grilanda

Alice Fabbri

Raffaello Fabbri

Luciana Ravaioli

Valerio Tisselli

Anna Rosa Grossi


Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo

Milena Magnani

Giuliano Ortali

Caludio Vallicelli

Marisa Cilotti