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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019



Six episodes, all set in a movie theatre. Each episode stars two histrionic, stereotypical and surreal characters, who share their experiences as viewers in a screening room.

In the series, the room turns into a microcosm where we can find any kind of moviegoer: it could be the annoying one, or the teenage couple who don't know if they want to watch the movie or use their mobile phones; the quarrelsome husband forced by his wife to go only for serious movies; the romantic one, watching a movie only because his favourite actor is in the cast; or the couple who, for once, decides to take a break from their busy routine and spend some quality time together.

Here, the film screened takes second place: the real movie set is the room with its red cinema seats, a sort of natural habitat which will bring out the best - or worst - in the viewers with a pinch of humour and irony.

Sedicicorto staff came up with this idea of a web series and took care of every aspect of the creation, starting from the plot and screenplay all the way to the shooting, lighting, editing and sound. In the end, they even decided to put themselves in front of the camera and play. The cast also includes festival trainees, friends of the associates and some of the students who took part in the NeHo18 project. NeHo18 is a workshop for students from different high schools in the city of Forlì and its surroundings; its goal is to get the teenagers familiar with the means and techniques involved in the making of audiovisual content. The participants also helped the technical staff and worked side by side with them to learn all that it takes to create a series.

For now, the episodes will be broadcast as promotional videos for the Evergreen crowdfunding campaign (, promoted by Sedicicorto and aimed at encouraging the audience to support the Festival with a donation.


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