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16th Edition - Forlì / Italy
4/13 October 2019

8th edition of Animare – winner 2018


On Saturday the 7th of July, in the beautiful Piazzetta delle Conserve in Cesenatico, 102 children jurors voted and established the following final rank:


Final rank

1)    Tweet Tweet (Russia). 96 bottle caps. 84 rings

2)    la chasse (France). 86 bottle caps. 12 rings

3)    voyagers (France). 75 bottle caps. 6 rings

4)    Outdoors (France). 24 bottle caps

5)    the ambassadors (Hungary). 20 bottle caps

6)    lizards quest (USA). 6 bottle caps



183 jurors, with an average age of 8, took turns on the jury during the 4 days of the competition. The youngest juror was Francesco, 2 years old. Once again the jury showed a maturity beyond all expectations and selected, by a large majority, a movie that, for its content and narration, did not at first seem to be one of the favorites, even though it was considered a real masterpiece by the experts. This more traditional and funnier animated movie was able to defeat the competitors, thanks to the movie’s metaphor for the meaning of life, which clearly prevailed.


Translated by: Martina Zanfi